[Transcript] Hello, my name is Andrew Wisniewski β€” the 2020-2021 SBG President. Gallaudet SBG’s open letter was submitted to Board of Trustees.

Dear Gallaudet University Board of Trustees,

In September 2020, we requested that President Cordano include a student body government representative for future Board of Trustees meetings. President Cordano mentioned the bylaws were still being revised and asked us to stay patient. For the past two months, we have not received any additional details regarding the Board of Trustees. It is time for the Study Body Government to demand Gallaudet University to meet the following:

We require Gallaudet University to include a student body government representative in future Board of Trustees meetings starting February 10, 2021.
Add a clause of an SBG representative in the Board of Trustees Bylaws Section 2.2.2 Voting Trustees-Non-Public Members.

The Student Body Government directs a clear pathway for the students with big ideas and dreams for the future of Gallaudet University. It is time to advocate for inclusivity in our community which begins with incorporating the voices of the student body at Gallaudet University. In the room where decisions that impact the students the most, the student body deserves to be present. We demand, with no hesitation, that the Board of Trustees invite a student representative from the Student Body Government to all future meetings. Gallaudet University can not change for the better if the students’ voices are not respected.
We expect Gallaudet University to respond to this letter before November 20, 2020.

Sincerely yours,

The Student Body of Government

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